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Ravish Patwardhan was introduced to community service early in the large and busy city of Mumbai (then Bombay), India.  A member of the Scouts (www.boyscouts.org) while in India, Patwardhan’s small group of scouts performed (as Scouts in many other places) community service, doing tasks for money which was partly utilized for further community service.  After emigrating to the U.S. in the early 1980s, Patwardhan was exposed to the up-and-coming American culture of philanthropy.  Beyond in the Scouts in the U.S., Patwardhan was exposed to volunteering by teaching adults to read, and later being part of numerous community service organizations.  In 2007, Ravish Patwardhan founded the “Re-Vitalize Philanthropic Foundation” which sought to educate people about health issues “beyond what their doctor had shared” by utilizing unbiased information from national sources.  In addition, Patwardhan became involved with  numerous local organizations including Community Renewal International (communityrenewal.us), the American Red Cross (americanredcross.com), and Providence House.  This gradually grew to some other national organizations, including Rotary International and The Clinton Global Initiative, where he was a member in attendance for the annual meeting.

Ravish Patwardhan credits certain influential individuals, including one who told him “you have to do well to do good.”  While a myriad of motivations may result in a community-serving organization being formed, Patwardhan is also interested in the metrics of realizing that “a difference is being made.”  A newer book, “ROI for Nonprofits” (by Tom Ralser), is one example presenting more widespread programs which even the federal government is espousing for community improvement with measurable changes.

Taking into consideration different aspects of a community and relevant topics, including past, present, and future considerations for typically each topic, Patwardhan strives to explore pertinent topics relevant to the concept of “community.”  In one account, the concept of “whether so many non-profits exist, shouldn’t there be some organization so that efforts aren’t duplicated or more inefficient than they have to be?”

In work for the foundation he created, Ravish Patwardhan received special guests Eric Weihenmayer and his guide (the latter being the only man to guide the first and only blind person to climb Mt. Everest) – who made a profound decision to take blind Tibetans up smaller but significant mountains… as a way for them to “give back to community.”

Based upon numerous past such experiences, Patwardhan explores the broader concepts of what we call “community.”

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